A Zee fashions

A Zee fashions

The silver shampoo has hit the market and they are for these shampoos are not for the regular use for ordinary hairs, they are made for hairs only of white and grey color. It is odd though that people only used to take care of their hairs only when they used to be black, after the aging sign dawns on the person, he or she totally forgets about the nourishment of the hairs, some believe that after your hairs go white, they don’t need nourishment at all, though it’s quite wrong because the nourishment never stops for the whitened or grey hairs, one still needs to take care of those hairs.

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The silver Shampoo is specially designed for such colors of female hair, the ingredients of these shampoo are the amino acids that brings out the natural shine, further more it contains the sunflower seed extract and ultra violet absorber that helps protect against the photo damage of the hair, it also contains the optical brightener that optimizes the white light reflected back from the hair.   These shampoo helps the nourishment of the hair properly and most of all it is a cure of a problems that most of the people face that is pre lightened hair or the yellow tones that develop upon tinted or blonde hairs, it cures them perfectly to give a natural and healthy look, not just the look, it also makes sure that your hair receive all the nutrients that they need including immense amino acids.


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david On September - 10 - 2012

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